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Banana Jig Heads - 1/8oz-1/2oz 10-Packs

Banana Jig Heads - 1/8oz-1/2oz 10-Packs

The shape of the banana-head jig allows it to be rather easily pulled over and past sticky snags like rocks, and therefore this has become a popular head style for all anglers. The weight-forward stance of the jig also allows it to sink heavily nose-first providing an attractive darting action when paired up with a slender, streamlined soft plastic. It is also an excellent choice for applications in which the jig is worked along the bottom in scenarios where a fleeing baitfish motion is sought. 


Hand Poured in Racine, WI!


Hooks: Premium Mustad 1X strong wire Black Nickel with MTL-V1 Needle Point hooks!


Always the highest quality, HAND MADE in Wisconsin, and fast turnaround! Ships within 24 hours.


Any question please contact us.


**Important notices**

Please check your local laws and regulations before ordering and using this product.


Notice--Jigs and Sinkers.


The sale of this item may be restricted from ME, NH, VT, or NY.